AAUW Socorro Branch – Local Scholarships

The AAUW Socorro Branch supports our local community through education, outreach, scholarships, and more. The AAUW Socorro Branch offers multiple scholarships each year to local high school and university students. Amounts and availability vary and are dependent on fundraising and donations received each year. To see more information on past scholarships, see our past scholarships recipients page.

If you are a student who would like more information on applying for a scholarship, please contact us at

Help Support Our Scholarship Fundraising!

Individuals (Socorro Branch AAUW Members, Community Members, more…) can contribute to our local efforts through direct donation or by donating time to support fundraising. Support through the contribution of time and effort in local fundraisers, membership drives, and more, help sustain our branch activities. The funds received through donations and fundraising events help perpetuate all of our local programs and activities, as well as providing scholarships for advanced education to local high school and university students.

If you are interested in more information on how to assist with fundraising for scholarships, please contact us at

AAUW – National Fellowship & Grant Opportunities

We support the mission of our national parent organization, the American Association of University Women, which advances equity for women and girls through philanthropy, education, research and advocacy.

The ever-increasing student debt burden, rising cost of higher education, and ongoing need for education funding is an alarming reality of our times. We know that women earn less than men, even one-year out of college, and thus may have more difficulty than men in paying off their student debt. AAUW’s fellowship and grants funding for women remains an important element to closing the funding gap for women in higher education.

AAUW branches and states provide funding for local scholarship programs across the U.S. for qualified women students seeking educational funding. Participating branches and states determine their scholarship amounts and eligibility criteria, and applicants apply directly to the opportunities for which they are qualified. (For more information regarding these local scholarships contact your local AAUW branch. Information is NOT available from the AAUW National Office.)

Interested in donating to our scholarship fund? You can! Just go to our PayPal link below.  (Credit and debit cards accepted!)

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